Royal Art Books is a publishing company based out of Evansville, Indiana by tattooer Clint Vaught and his graphic designer/photographer wife Heather. Their goal is to help share the history of Midwestern tattooing and tattooers specifically, but also western American tattooing. Their first release was based on a need in the tattoo community to share the wealth of tattoo imagery that came from the flash sheets of Percy Waters. These flash sheets were sold through Professor Waters supply house in the first half of the century and helped solidify what we now consider "American Traditional" tattooing. They are currently working on biographies of a few lesser known mid-western tattooers including "Prof." Mike Huff and Grover "Pop" Dale. Clint and Heather hope to share a wealth of tattoo history and imagery with the tattoo community based on their collection of tattoo ephemera and a focus on in-depth historical research. They also own Crescent City Tattoo in Evansville which has a display of their collection including many of the pieces in their books. 


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